Get The Book

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Julian Bleecker Hello, Skater Girl 140 pages 7 x 9.5 in Numbered Edition of 255 (Hand-numbered) Type of Printing: Indigo $25 + S/H. We’ve sold the entire edition and are now looking at a second printing. Signup on the mailing … Continue reading

All Action Sports Radio Interview

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I did a fun interview on this podcast — All Action Sports Radio — talking about the book, girls skateboarding and the process of making an action sports photography book. Good fun. ((you’ll have to scoot ahead 40 minutes … Continue reading

The Book Is Done

Monday August 20, 18:56:38 © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

It’ll be shipping over the next few days to all my friendly Kickstarter backers. Thank you all for your support and patience. That’s that, then.

Proof of Book

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Here’s the 1st proof, as proof of the book. That’s it right there. On the right. And there’s me, whittling away at corrections. And just now I’ve sent off the 2nd proof. That’s the cycle of iteration. Proof. Correct. Wait … Continue reading

Designing A Book Part II

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More designing of the book. We spent the afternoon into the evening working through the layouts, tweaking the design and the transitions. It’s enthralling and exhausting at the same time. I’m trying to find the way to do something a … Continue reading

Designing a Book

DesigningABook © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Well, we’re getting close. Pica by pica..pixel by pixel. It’s becoming a book. Sebastian and I noodled around on some prototype spreads he has done and we talked about character — who is like what and how do we tell … Continue reading

Final Selects

Sunday February 26, 21:19:34 © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Yesterday, I thought..’enough already..make the final selects..’. And so I did. With my brother’s help, who fortuitously was visiting — I just sat in front and did the impossible..did away with photos I loved, but would not be in the book. … Continue reading

Posting, Picking, Pruning

HSG-PinningPickingPruning © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Well, we’re still at it. Picking photographs from amongst the first 2,000+ wasn’t too difficult, I have to say. Picking photographs from the next 400 has been a bit, well — emotional. I have picked the photos for the postcards, … Continue reading

Clustering Photos On The Wall

Sunday January 29, 17:39:01 © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Hired a guy called Sebastian Bettencourt to help me design the book. We met and talked about the photography and about book design possibilities. I mentioned that I had begun thinking about it as a “light” mobile portable thing rather … Continue reading

Book Design Update

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There’s a lot going on here at Hello, Skater Girl HQ, especially on the Book Design floor. I’ve been thinking about the book since I started the project over a year ago — every and all aspects of book design … Continue reading

It’s All In Good *Fun

Saturday November 12 00:27 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

They’re not skating but they’re having fun. These are the top Jedi mind trickers in skating today — Allysha Bergado, Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto, rocking post Halloween just before Nora heads back east to have her winter. It was an … Continue reading

We’re In The Skateboard Mag!

Saturday August 06 18:43 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

..sorta. Just a coincidence that Nora and I were shooting at the Combi Pool when J. Grant Brittain, noted director of photography at The Skateboard Mag rolled in to shoot with Chris Miller. I was cowering a bit — not because … Continue reading