Carleigh Samson Denver Meet Up

So, I flew into Denver on the way to Breckenridge and rang up Carleigh Samson to see if she wanted to meet up to shoot and this is what we ended up doing after the two-for-one happy hour special at some weird bar that’s near the Denver Skatepark but not in any way in the cooler parts of town we found later.

Two spots.

The first was a daunting wall ride with a gnarly landing and a shot-through bit of wall that clearly marked the spot as a spot. Carleigh had never been to it and all we had were some instructions about an alley and a street name and stuff. But, this was it. It was all caved in and bared the support wire stuff for the cheap stucco. I watched Carleigh try a couple of times and it was clear to me at least that she’d drop it no problem. And she did after, like..maybe 10 tries? Totally landed it and just sorta looked around and was, like..I *did that? She was convinced it might not happen. But it did. And then some neighbor came around and gave us the what-for which I can sorta understand but the hole was already there, for goodness sake. So, like..we bailed. Which is fine. We were done.

We started poking around for this other spot she knew — a Jersey Barrier somewhere downtown. But before we crossed the river we came across this cool neighborhood called LoHi or something like that. Super fun looking bars and joints and cafes and Mexican restaurants that would’ve been much more fun than the sorta cookie-cutter bar we started at. Oh well. Next time. But — we did find this awesome ice cream spot under a giant milk jug!

Carleigh Samson Ice Cream Break, Denver, August 27, 2011

We moseyed down to the Jersey Barrier in an old sad abandoned drive-thru bank location that seems like its been there for a zillion years. It had stations with those pneumatic tube systems for sending your deposit to the teller in the little control booth. Carleigh knew this spot so it was just a matter of shooting a bit and that was that.

Thanks Carleigh! Fun as always..

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