From the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest, 2011 edition — this is one of my favorite shots, even though I almost got my eyeball killed (not really..) and shows one of the hazards (I suppose) of using a fisheye *and my little petty insistence on actually using the viewfinder on my DSLR. Matt Reynolds from Local 808 captured the shot from where he was sitting just to my right at just about the same split-second.


I know, I know..there’s the occasional warning about not looking through the viewfinder with a fisheye in situations where you can’t really judge the true distance of flying skateboards and flying skateboarders. I’m just a stickler, I suppose and, unless something happens so quickly that I don’t have time to bring the viewfinder up to my eye, I prefer to spend time in the viewfinder to frame the shot. Some photographers don’t bother with the viewfinder partly for the safety of their heads, but also relying on the fisheye to capture everything in front of the focal plane. So — you get lots of very crooked images which no one seems to care about.


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