Allysha Bergado, The Combi at Vans, Sunday October 30 2011 18:12:52:22 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Allysha Bergado Combi Practice

Well this weekend’ll be the 2011 Women’s Protect at the Vans Combi. I stopped by the other day to see who was there practicing for the big day and here was Allysha and Lizzie and Nora.

It was a year ago that I became pretty sure I’d spend 2011 working on a photo book project of women’s skateboarding.

And a year has now passed. And I’m still working on it.

It turns out publishing a book isn’t a particularly straight forward thing, especially when you’re finicky about quality and all that. I mean — if it was straight-up text, that’d be fine. Photography books are a different beast and that means beastly costs for printing.

The Blurb thing, despite everything you might assume — it’s crap. If you care about paper and print quality and binding — stay clear of it.

Well, I was practicing too, as it turns out. The Combi is crap to shoot in — or, it’s difficult for someone who’s not used to shooting with sodium vapor lights in a big warehouse with a squeeze of natural light coming in from behind an enormous garage gate. I was playing around with some studio strobes — these Elinchrom Ranger Quadras. Without thinking too much, I put one up in that corner over there and shot the background black, letting those annoying sodium lights turn into a sort of night sky with a weird contrast-y back fill. The background is just such a mess visually that this is all I could sort out.

But, I’ll have to go back a few more times to sort out how to work this for Saturday. There are a few spots to shoot and it only gets busier with shooters hopping all over the place and shooting from the hip and holding up crazy homemade curtain-rod gets frustrating to try and shoot during any competition.

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