Book Design Update

There’s a lot going on here at Hello, Skater Girl HQ, especially on the Book Design floor. I’ve been thinking about the book since I started the project over a year ago — every and all aspects of book design and even things I never knew enough to even consider. That’s the fun bit about the project.

While I have strong creative hunches about what I imagine the book to become, I’m al for exploring and learning. That’s why I’ve been obsessively learning about book design — collecting books, making notes, studying book design alongside of some fantastic mentors who may or may not know they are teaching me.

Last week while on holiday vacation, I hijacked a couple of designer friends who happened to be in New York City from Lausanne Switzerland who have a design practice at (And I’d hire them if I could afford time, perhaps.)

We went to a bunch of book stores and I listened and watched as they helped me understand what a book can be. We saw some amazing hand-made books; books made out of and printed on metal; hand-bound books; books with different kinds of paper and printing. The list went on and on and it all felt a bit overwhelming in an entirely good way.

So — I thought I’d continue providing updates in an informal video-y way, first by sharing with you some books I’ve found inspirational and exciting. There will be some photography books that are somehow related to skateboarding — then some that are photography books perhaps on other topics. For me, assaying the books that I’ve collected helps me figure out what it is I want “Hello, Skater Girl” to become.

In this update, I talk briefly about a photography book called “Back to Mystery City” by Andreas Laszlo Konrath and published by Dashwood Books.

I found a flip-through of the book on Brian Paul Lamotte’s Vimeo feed.

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