Clustering Photos On The Wall

Hired a guy called Sebastian Bettencourt to help me design the book. We met and talked about the photography and about book design possibilities. I mentioned that I had begun thinking about it as a “light” mobile portable thing rather than a ridiculous fuck-off-and-die huge heavy coffee table thing. And that it might be a longitudinal series of little photography books on a variety of subjects. He had me start printing. Which I’ve been doing just about every night. Little draft-mode 4×6 prints so I can put them up on the wall in the studio out back.

So — this ain’t it. These are photos up to about February 2010. I shot full-through until January 2012. So — it may seem like I got things under control. I’m still printing stuff out to arrange and cluster and to “take a step back” and see what where and how patterns or threads of contextual stories come through.

A couple of things I’ve been thinking about in that realm:

** Visual stories that connect one skater to introduce a new skater — someone appearing where they haven’t appeared in the book yet. For example, someone new appears in the background and then we focus on them and go to a different place/setting in the visual narrative

** Showing how some level of comfort obtains from when I first start shooting with a skater — can you see this in the way we work? Is that even there in the photography? Sometimes.

** A visual narrative that tells the story I usually tell from naivety to a deeper appreciation for them as skaters and young women.

** Some photographic technical story about how I find a visual style that I feel excited about and then get some comfort producing.

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