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Final Selects

Yesterday, I thought..’enough already..make the final selects..’. And so I did. With my brother’s help, who fortuitously was visiting — I just sat in front and did the impossible..did away with photos I loved, but would not be in the book.

It’s hard but doable. And I want to be done at this point. I made the mistake/conscious decision to sorta start another project along the way. That’s okay — but it makes me anxious to finish the preceding projects, of course — I don’t want an epic traffic pile-up to happen.

In other notes, enormous orders of prints have been placed to send out to folks who supported the book project through the Kickstarter campaign. Lots of photos. Thousands of dollars of photos.

And now I’m ordering shipping supplies from Uline. And sorting out how to get postage for all that conveniently. I’s a *whole *thing. Daunting. The operations side of making a photography book and doing prints is *EPIC. Not the same sort of fun as going out and shooting, I tell you what.

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