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Sunday February 26, 21:19:34 © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Final Selects

Yesterday, I thought..’enough already..make the final selects..’. And so I did. With my brother’s help, who fortuitously was visiting — I just sat in front and did the impossible..did away with photos I loved, but would not be in the book. … Continue reading

HSG-PinningPickingPruning © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Posting, Picking, Pruning

Well, we’re still at it. Picking photographs from amongst the first 2,000+ wasn’t too difficult, I have to say. Picking photographs from the next 400 has been a bit, well — emotional. I have picked the photos for the postcards, … Continue reading

Sunday January 29, 17:39:01 © 2012 Julian. All rights reserved.

Clustering Photos On The Wall

Hired a guy called Sebastian Bettencourt to help me design the book. We met and talked about the photography and about book design possibilities. I mentioned that I had begun thinking about it as a “light” mobile portable thing rather … Continue reading