Justyce Tabor Front Side

Justyce Tabor, Front Side Air, Girls Combi Pool Classic 2011 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Yesterday was the Girls Combi Pool Classic competition. It was *super competitive — really sporty. Hellzafun. There’s lots to share. Some I’ll save — but I couldn’t resist this one of Justyce Tabor coming around frontside. I found the other one … Continue reading

Hunter Long, Cholo’s Rawwwr

Hunter Long at Cholo's © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Hunter Long, heating up a bit of coping around the deep end at Cholo’s along Oahu’s North Shore near Banzai. This was a golden day for shooting. A gang of rippers, the epic and storied Cholo’s, spot-on weather and new … Continue reading


Saturday September 24 2011 11:23:02:24 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

From the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest, 2011 edition — this is one of my favorite shots, even though I almost got my eyeball killed (not really..) and shows one of the hazards (I suppose) of using a fisheye *and my … Continue reading

Abby Zsarnay – Ojai Skatepark

Abby Zsarnay Ojai Skatepark Wednesday July 13 2011 17:17:03:00 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

It gets quiet sometimes. There are things going on, but there’s always the pause for retrieving the deck, dusting off the jeans and thinking about how to make it go better next time.

Cooler Mag Interview

Copyright-2011-Zstudios-110713-371-3-800x499 (c) 2011 zstudios.com

I had mentioned that Jenna Selby took a couple of hours to meet up and talk about the Hello, Skater Girl project. She’s put up the interview on Cooler Mag. Although I was heading to London to do my own … Continue reading

Jenna Selby Meet Up

Friday September 09 12:44 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Well, I went to London. There was lots to do there — meetings, fun meet-ups, lots of wine, as it turns out, &c. While I wasn’t there for the “Hello, Skater Girl” photo book project, I did take advantage of the … Continue reading

Hello, Skater Girl – A Lil Video

VideoPixellated © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

http://vimeo.com/m/28932407 I don’t know why I started making this video. We’re Maybe a little challenge in a world of mostly moving images to turn something that was a still image of something that is highly dynamic and motion-based into something … Continue reading

Second *Prototype*

SquareSkateBookSeptember2011-800x503 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

WARNING: This is *not* typical of what I might expect from a precious printed book. I’m sharing this mostly for myself to capture the evolution of the project, which includes things not going as hoped or expected. WARNING What happened … Continue reading

Nora Vasconcellos at Oregon *fecta

Nora Vasconcellos, Pier Park, Portland Oregon, August 15, 2011 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Well, I dunno but I think Nora totally ripped way beyond at the Oregon *fecta this year. I can’t judge cause I’m only a novice at watching skate and I’ve never actually, you know..skated..but I should say that it’d be … Continue reading

Lizzie Armanto at Oregon *fecta

Lizzie Armanto, Pier Park Skatepark, August 15, 2011 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Lizzie Armanto took first place at the Oregon *fecta..the first time I went a year ago it was a Trifecta — three different parks over three days. This year, a Bifecta was proposed — two park and two days. At the … Continue reading

Justyce Tabor at Oregon *fecta

Justyce Tabor Front Smith, West Linn Skatepark Oregon © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Who cares if the Trifecta became a Bifecta became a Onefecta..people are here having fun, shredding, paling around, mucking about, hanging here and there. This is Justyce Tabor ripping a front smith at West Linn..which was cancelled..*sigh. Whatev.

Bible Bowl Business

Lizzie Armanto Bible Bowl © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

An evening at Bible Bowl down south on a mid-July evening. It was a mostly girls session. I boogied down there to catch up with Lizzie, AmeeJay, Jordan, Julz and others. I had hoped ot meet up with them at … Continue reading

Nora Vasconcellos / Vert Prep

wpid-Nora_Vasconcellos_10082011_152148.jpg © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

It’s been a long fun week skating..but skating every day. It shows on Nora’s face here as she suits-up to skate at Tony Hawk’s "Birdhouse" in the heart of Vertlandia, Southern California. There were plans to meet Mimi Knoop down … Continue reading

OooooOOoohhh! A Shoot With Mimi!

wpid-Mimi_Knoop_JCB_10082011_164912_0064-Edit.jpg © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Well, we finally met up! Not for lack of trying — this time coordinated with last minute text messsages and the urgency of realizing we were both going to be out of town and not-crossing-paths for the next month! Far too … Continue reading

Nora Vasconcellos Cali Girl

Saturday August 06 18:38 © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

Nora’s in town with Eamon! Yay! Anyway..I picked them up at the airport and we headed down to Huntington Beach for Coastal Carnage on Saturday and we got…skunked, big time. No skating, whaat? Plus its a crazy human cattle stampede … Continue reading

Kicky Viddy Footy Assembly

FCP X Skatebook Project Video Teaser © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

So, we’ve been debating giving people the opportunity to support the project and get some stocking stuffers for themselves by doing a Kickstarter, um..kicker. It went back and forth for a couple of months. But, our external executive editor said, … Continue reading

Back to School

Girls Skate Book Prototype © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

So — I settled on Adobe InDesign to do the book design and layout. It wasn’t so much a “settling” as vague, barely competent experience with it. I used it *once before to do a little essay/booklet that was never … Continue reading

Gear Check: The New PocketWizard TT5’s for Nikon

San Francisco California © 2011 Julian. All rights reserved.

I’ve been waiting for these things. The radios there. The bigger one is a Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver. The little one only transmits and it’s the PocketWizard MiniTT1 Radio Transmitter. After suffering the rueful wrath of somewhat-reasonable, but definitely-curmudgeonly friends … Continue reading