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Back in New York

Came back here for the nephew’s birthday and to shoot girl skaters! Although, as happens — injuries. Lorena Lima had a sore knee so there was no skating, but plenty of time to talk and capture a bit of interview footy.

It’s fine though, despite the disappointment. Months ago, I may’ve been less-fine about it. But, especially after doing the first book prototype, I’ve learned that its so much more engaging to have the stories in and around the *boss front-smith photo, or whatever it is. Skate life goes beyond that one wicked trick and often enough it includes persevering through an injury. So, you have to tell those stories as well.

Lorena took us to this spot, with the giant Steve Caballero mural, with a weird unsettling rendering of him. It’s attached to some sort of school and is basically in their playground. The playground monitor came around — the guy with a clipboard, cellphone attached to his hip, and a net bag full of playground balls of all sorts — and basically attempted to Jedi talk me into leaving immediately with a “Okay. What I’m going to need for your to do is..” But my Skillz are honed and, while I did not convince him that we could stay forever to do our interview, I did convey to him that I was going to stay until Lorena came back from getting something to eat.

NYC Skate Park

We had to move anyway because the school kids were lethargically resigning themselves to the fact that they were going to have to move around for gym. We huffed it around the corner to Tompkins Square Park where there was some flat-ground skateboarding going on and got set up to do a little interview with Lorena and then continued on in the car as we drove her up to Central Park East where she was scheduled to do a skate lesson with someone. That’s basically what she does to earn her keep — gives skate lessons.

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