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Lizzie Reviews

Went out to BBQ dinner with Lizzie and the family to catch up and then also share the prototype book. They had some good feedback. There was talk about “volumes” or “parts” that might comprise a series seeing as this one prototype was 118 pages (bigger than I thought now half-way through, albeit without the benefit of an editor/hatchet-person) and that maybe there was a historical element I’m missing. Like — this could be “Part IV” like Star Wars, with the earlier bits yet to be done, and more about the skaters before this modern set.

Lizzie also had some remarks about the layout and clustering of images, perhaps to make them more legible. We also talked about whether to do a through-line style story, or individual sections with specific skaters in them. Here she’s looking at my try at a section just focused on one skater — I chose AmeeJay in this case because I had already sort of composed a section on her for the first, really lousy prototype.

Oh, also Lizzie mentioned a kind of preface that might not be as didactic as the one I have now — more poetic. She actually mentioned that it could be a poem, but maybe something that captured the spirit of the skating without being specific about it.

Amelia Brodka

We talked about how girls and guys may do the same tricks but they are different in this way. That was something Duncan had mentioned when he looked through it. Like — there’s a poise and a pose and a way of carrying one’s weight and balance that is quite distinctive for the girls and guys just can’t do it with the same gestures and style and dynamic. This is a way to think of girls skateboarding on its own terms, rather than in relationship to guys. Like — the measure isn’t height or speed or these things, necessarily.

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