Boulder with Gnarly Carleigh

The Meta Skate guy in Boulder Colorado

Last February I found myself in Boulder Colorado for the IxDA 2011 Conference, which was fun. I had just started this Skatebook Project. One rule was that, when I traveled, I would call ahead to a local skate shop and just ask — “who’s your local girl ripper?” This trip, I randomly called Meta Skate there near the University and they said it, “you ever hear of Gnarly Carleigh?”

Well, Gnarly Carleigh it is, then. She’s also known as Carleigh Samson. She’s a grad student at the University of Colorado studying environmental engineering. We met up for coffee at that one spot there that’s super steamy on the inside when it’s cold outside. Talked about the “book” and arranged to go to the No Love indoor fun skategarage in Denver. Which was fun.

A couple of days later, we went to a non-descript industrial park on the outskirts of Boulder for a little skate and photo shoot with her pal Glenn Cunningham.

I admitted to Carleigh that I really don’t (have not) shoot much other than pools and a little vert, but of course I’m curious to figure it out. I mostly got it all wrong. It wasn’t really until we met up again in San Francisco when she and her pals came out for this Poker Run mishegoss that she could talk to me about what I was doing wrong. No run-ups or landings in the shots. All that. Whatever. I know there are probably rules and all, but I was just working with what my eye saw. I guess I’ll get a more refined eye as time marches on — or maybe not.

Boulder Colorado

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