Thursday June 2 2011 10:41:10:79 Nora Vasconcellos

Photography Notes: 3 Flashes, ND +0.9, Polarizer

Hingham Skate Park, Hingham Massachusetts

It’s not a super big deal, but just a quick note about part of the aesthetic I’m shooting for. I like rich, gooey, contrasty backgrounds. Lots of bokeh — as much as I can get — no motion blur whatsoever, a sharp focus and narrow depth of field..even if that means that it’s so narrow I loose a bit of sharpness in the skater somewhere.

Here I’m using my go-to setup. A Nikon 24mm f/1.4 as wide open as I dare. Nothing less than 1/750 for the shutter. In order to do that, I’ve got a neutral density +0.9 filter stacked under a circular polarizer. The polarizer makes the back rich and saturated and helps retain any darks in clouds that might be back there.

Then there’s the three SB-900s to fill things in and overwhelm as much as I can the natural sunlight. In this case, the sun is off axis, so it’s less of an issue, except for filling against shadows.

There seems to be a risk of the back getting way too dark, but there seems to be enough latitude in the image to get it back out.

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