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Kicky Viddy Footy Assembly

So, we’ve been debating giving people the opportunity to support the project and get some stocking stuffers for themselves by doing a Kickstarter, um..kicker. It went back and forth for a couple of months. But, our external executive editor said, just do it. Maybe in a week or so it’ll go up. I wanted to do a video or something that helped tease the work, told a little short story about why and would be fun to watch. Videos of still images are hard to not make them videos of lots of still images, which can be tiresome. I’m not a video editor. But..I think it’ll be quite nice.

Oh, um…thing I wanted to say is that I took this opportunity to dig into Final Cut Pro “X”, the edition of FCP that just came out that’s making everyones head explode all over the place who used to share a bed with Final Cut Pro, the pre-X edition. It’s crazy the ranting and raving that’s going on. I mean, really crazy. I understand the concerns about the new FCPX being more consumer-y than the previous. I have both running side-by-side and even just looking at them — FCPX looks gooey and seductive like a consumer project. FCP from before looks serious and slightly intimidating and professionally bare.

I’m not a professional editor, but I can imagine a context in which my professional tool softened up and old familiar things disappeared or got buried or altered to make them easier for everyone else to use. Professionalism is about managing the boundaries between pros and non-pros. It’s a border-making thing. And on one side are those who strive to achieve superlative, distinctive work. On the other side are those who are satisfied with creating something that is perhaps not so distinctive; that doesn’t push the boundaries; that is everyday and quotidian. Both are fine, but when you mess with the professionals toolbox, they are bound to light torches and reach for their pitchforks.

I have to say, in using FCPX for maybe — five days on and off, I’m okay with it. I’ve been able to do things without feeling like I should get a book on the program to sit by my side. I’m just doing assemblies of simple edited material. Nothing crazy — but I mean..even doing cross fades in FCP used to make me a little anxious. I know there are ways to control and refine them, but I always had to look up how exactly. In FCPX I can get quickly into the precision editor. The other thing I like is the linkages between FCPX and Motion, which I guess probably existed in the past..I just never got super into it. I would basically create effects in Motion (which I never got super comfortable with) and then render out through there to Compressor and just plop it in as a rendered video in the FCP edit. Now I discovered quite accidentally that I can create my own transitions and so forth in Motion to be used in FCPX. I’m sure I was supposed to have discovered that in the previous editions — it just didn’t happen. Maybe a thing about FCPX is the way the interface affords discovery of things like this. I like the idea of making my own transitions and so forth, especially as I try to make still images dynamic in a time-based media format.

There are some good discussions of these dilemmas on David Pogue’s gear blog and over at The Digital Story some discussions specifically about Final Cut Pro X for Photographers.

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