Nora Vasconcellos Cali Girl

Nora’s in town with Eamon! Yay! Anyway..I picked them up at the airport and we headed down to Huntington Beach for Coastal Carnage on Saturday and we got…skunked, big time. No skating, whaat? Plus its a crazy human cattle stampede of humanity big and sweaty and bikini-y..we had no credentials..watched a bit of the carnage and felt carnage-ized.

Time to go.

We headed to Vans so those guys could get their skate on at the Combi. I just walked in. I know I’m supposed to check-in but I just can’t seem to get on their A+ list for permission to shoot so, like..I just walked in and hoped for the best. I’d think doing a legit project and with skaters *wanting to work with a photographer it’d be okay. This time it “worked out” but I felt a bit trampy. I want to be legit!

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