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OooooOOoohhh! A Shoot With Mimi!

Mimi Knoop (with Eamon) setting up a new Hoopla deck

Well, we finally met up! Not for lack of trying — this time coordinated with last minute text messsages and the urgency of realizing we were both going to be out of town and not-crossing-paths for the next month! Far too long to wait. Well worth the trip down to Vertlandia.

This all came about because I sent Mimi a little edit of a little promo-y video I had been assembling and working on way too hard..I wanted her eyes on it cause there’s a shot of her in it plus Mimi has an artist’s eyeball that I thought could only help. She wrote back that she like it (woohoo!) and..she wished I had some more shots of her. Of course, I wish the same thing but we’ve just not made a super effort and are both busy and all the usual..plus we live about 2 hours apart down the often times hellacious north-south freeways between Los Angeles and San Diego. (Hellacious except for the bits where it goes along the killer beaches in the proper southland.)

We quickly started zoning in on when we would be able to shoot..and it worked out that there was only one (!) day between now and the middle of September and I’m trying to get this book thing *going. Well — the one day was today and between a series of text messages and an electronic mail or two, we sorted things out rather last minute and decided we’d meet down here at shoot at the Birdhouse. Sweet. I feel good about what we got and we’ll be getting more when we’re both back in town.

It was an honor resulting in the making of big smiles working with Mimi Knoop. She’s rule-y.

Plus! There’s more — there was an added bonus that made the trip extra double worth the while..she’s in the background there! Yo, Nora!?

More photos as soon as I let this Bull Taco digest and drive back to home.

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