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Nora Vasconcellos / Vert Prep

It’s been a long fun week skating..but skating every day. It shows on Nora’s face here as she suits-up to skate at Tony Hawk’s "Birdhouse" in the heart of Vertlandia, Southern California.

There were plans to meet Mimi Knoop down there to *finally get a shoot with her. As luck would have it — Nora and Eamon Samojla were going to show up as well. We had a couple hours of them skating…and me trying to sort out how to work quickly in the warehouse. Lighting is funky in spaces like that and a ceiling of reflective insulation makes it tricky. Plus — vert is a funny thing to shoot and position. I think there are a few shots in the canon. From down low up from a distance with a long lens, or a super-wide below a trick, or a super-wide for anything on the coping. There’s probably more if I had time to think about it..but two hours goes quicker than you think!

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