Lizzie Armanto at Oregon *fecta

Lizzie Armanto took first place at the Oregon *fecta..the first time I went a year ago it was a Trifecta — three different parks over three days. This year, a Bifecta was proposed — two park and two days. At the last minute it became one park and the event was called variously — Unifecta, Unfecta and my favorite — Infecta. No matter. It was hellafun. Curious judging for the girls, but there’s no accounting for those sorts of things. It was fun. I was sore and achy from crouching for five hours in the sun. The usual fun “working” and hanging around. The Reynolds were my home base for gear and recuperating — and brought me my take-away breakfast from the hotel, which I ended up eating for a late lunch while I watched folks try to clamber up the full pipe to get a better view of the event. Finally left Pier Park around 7ish after one last quick photo with Lizzie and then off to meet the Reynolds at The Department of Skateboarding for a quick little shoot with Heimana who’s helping me fill out the next, next photo project — Hello, Smith — nothing but Smith Grinds! FTW.

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