Nora Vasconcellos at Oregon *fecta

Well, I dunno but I think Nora totally ripped way beyond at the Oregon *fecta this year. I can’t judge cause I’m only a novice at watching skate and I’ve never actually, you know..skated..but I should say that it’d be nice to get a sense as to what criteria judging judges at these things. Or..maybe I’m getting too editorial here..I feel like Nora got thoroughly under-rated based on how she skated. (Check out Local 808’s footy for the time-based capture..I only should stills, basically.)

I hear tell that judging is looking for something genuine to pool and transition skating rather than somethign that melds vert-in-a-pool sorta like Andy MacDonald seems to pull at things like ProTec where he skates the combi as if it were a concrete vert ramp that is shaped like a pool.

In any case, I’m thoroughly biased I suppose because I think Nora rules? But so do all the girls for showing up and bringing felt like real competition, not just — awww…look at the girls..they’re skating! Nope. This was real stuff. Exciting and athletic and super skate-y.

Congrats to everyone!

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