Jenna Selby Meet Up

Well, I went to London. There was lots to do there — meetings, fun meet-ups, lots of wine, as it turns out, &c. While I wasn’t there for the “Hello, Skater Girl” photo book project, I did take advantage of the time there in that lovely city to try and meet up with people like Jenna Selby. Now — I didn’t know about Jenna Selby until I very recently watched As If, And What? and then shortly afterwards saw the interview with her in Transworld Business. I figured I *had to meet her, especially after that wonderful video, which I loved so much I actually bought and Jenna brought it for me when we met for a snack in at inSpiral lounge in Camden Town.

That was fun. Even if I didn’t get to shoot skaters, meeting Jenna and haning out for a couple of hours talking about our various projects was a nice way to end the week.

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